Save on pet food by shopping big box stores

How'd you like to save some money on your pet's food? Well, you may be able to if you know where to shop. shopped for dog and cat food (both dry and canned), as well as treats at Puget Sound pet-store chains, big-box stores, supermarkets, warehouse clubs, some independent pet stores, even online.

Here's what Checkbook found:

  • Costco and Sam's Club always had the best prices per pound or per item, in some cases "considerably lower" than at other stores.
  • Target and Wal-Mart also had generally low prices and there's no membership fee.
  • Petco and PetSmart had low prices on some things.

What about local independent pet stores? They had good prices on a few things, but as Checkbook points out, "Independent stores typically offer better advice and service than the behemoths."

Here's a surprise. Checkbook's shoppers were not impressed with the prices they found online for pet food and treats. In fact, online retailers seldom offered the lowest prices, even before adding in shipping. They did tend to charge less for non-food items, such as flea products.

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