Report: Not all snack bars are created equal

You're hungry and in a hurry. So you grab a snack bar. Good choice, or is it?

Our news partners at Consumer Reports tested two dozen snack bars in chocolate, peanut and strawberry flavors. The magazine's Ellen Klosz says choose wisely if you want good taste and good nutrition.

"It doesn't matter if it's called a protein bar, a cereal bar, granola bar, we did find big differences in nutrition," Klosz says.

So, it's important to read that nutrition label.

Calories can range from just 90 to 270 per serving. Fat, 2 to 9 grams. Sugar, 2 to 20 grams. And fiber, less than a gram to a whopping 9 grams.

Consumer Reports says if you're looking for fiber, pick a bar with the word "fiber in its name."

Of the 24 bars tested, only one rated very good for taste and good for nutrition: Cliff Crunch Granola Chocolate Chip. The magazine's trained tasters described it as "crispy, crunchy crumbly; toasted grain with honey notes."


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