Putting the Hair Bean to the test. Does It Work?

You'd be surprised how much response you get when you mention the words "tangled hair."

It turns out, eliminating tangles is a major pet peeve for adults and children with long or easily-tangled hair. So, I decided to check out an as-seen-on-TV product called Hair Bean that claims to have the answer.

Hair Bean claims to remove tangles instantly -- no matter how tangled or knotted. And of course, there's special technology. According to the infomercial it's "Memory-flex technology that lifts and gently separate tangles without pulling."

Jennifer Austin and her 7-year old daughter Annabelle of Lake Forest Park deal with tangled hair drama daily.

"The tangles are underneath. And when she wakes up in the morning, it's a struggle," explained Austin.

Annabelle added, "It always gets more tangly."

If Hair Bean works, they're in.

For our test, Annabelle washed and towel dried her hair the night before and went to bed. It hadn't been combed or brushed. First, Jennifer took the brush they normally use to one half of Annabelle's head. It didn't take long for her to hit snags.

Then, she used the Hair Bean on the other side. Could they feel a difference?

"Yeah. I really can," said Jennifer. "I'm surprised. I really am. I like how it works."

The ladies both like it, but they have one strong criticism.

"It's a little awkward to hold," Jennifer explained as Annabelle nodded in agreement.

On a scale of one to four, they give Hair Bean three and a half.

We tied Hair Bean with Annabelle's hair dry and wet with the same positive results. Both strongly emphasize however, that it would be much less awkward with a handle.

The Hair Bean sells for about $10 at retailers that carry "As Seen On TV" products. We purchased ours at Bed Bath & Beyond.