Put in a little extra work on your lawn now for great spring results

So, what's on your list of fall chores?

I've got to clear out the annuals, remove a few dead branches and keep up with the falling leaves.

The home and garden experts at Consumer Reports say put in a little extra work and your lawn and plants should do better in the spring.

Mow your lawn every week or so until the grass stops growing, they say.

For fallen leaves, use the mower's mulching mode -- that's where the discharge chutes are closed to more finely chop grass and leaves. That puts useful nutrients into the soil.

If your mower doesn't have a mulching mode, use a power blower or rake to clear the leaves for bagging or composting.

You don't want those leaves to pile up, especially if they're on the lawn. They block the sunlight and can smother the grass underneath. Wet leaves also promote disease.

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