Protect your pets from parasites

The warm weather means the return of insects, such as ticks and fleas and mosquitoes that can hurt your pets. So, it's important to make sure your dog and cat are protected.

If you're not sure what to use, ask your vet to recommend some products, even if you plan to buy them on your own at the store.

Dr. Marty Becker with reminds us that year-round parasite control is now recommended for every pet in the house. And even though we don't have as much heartworm around here as they do in other parts of the country - these nasty worms are here and they can kill your pet. They're carried by mosquitoes.

"All is takes is one bite," Dr. Becker said.

By the way, both dogs and cats can get heartworms. Dogs who get infected can be treated - although it's difficult and expensive. There is no treatment for cats.

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