Port Orchard couple wins battle over exploding glass oven door

Susan and Dave Baker thought their home had been burglarized when they came home last August to find broken glass covering their kitchen floor.

On closer inspection, they discovered their exterior glass on their 4-year old, professional grade Frigidaire oven had exploded. They say no one was in the house when it happened, and the oven been used in days, because they'd been cooking outdoors in the summer heat.

The Bakers are among dozens of consumers to file complaints about oven door glass suddenly exploding in different oven makes, models and manufactures. In many cases the consumers, like the Bakers, insist the oven was not in use and no one was in the room.

Despite their best efforts to get Frigidaire customer service to address their problem, the Bakers say they were simply told it was their responsibility because the manufacturer's warranty had expired.

I made a number of calls to Electrolux, which makes Frigidaire, in an effort to get an understanding of why the glass would shatter under in the first place, and why the consumer would be responsible for something they did not cause.

While I have yet to receive a reply, the Bakers say hours before my initial report addressing "exploding glass" complaints was set to air, they got a call from an Electrolux representative who said the company agrees to pay for the repairs, after all.

The Bakers say it turns out the repair involves more than just replacing the outer glass. They've been told entire oven door must to be replaced- A fix that typically runs between $300- $400.