Paint that doesn't have that terrible smell

You have a choice when it comes to paint. You can now find paint that is low-VOC or no-VOC.

VOC stands for volatile organic compound. They're the chemicals in the paint that give off that terrible smell. These man-made VOCs are pollutants that can cause headaches and dizziness.

"If someone has an issue with asthma or a strong chemical sensitivity, I would go with the no-VOC paint," said Tom Watson, King County's EcoConsumer.

Watson notes that some familiar brands now make no-VOC paint. Benjamin Moore has the Natura line. A company in Portland, YOLO Colorhouse, only sells no-VOC paint.

"Low- and -no VOC paints will be a little more expensive than regular paint, but they're worth it especially if you're concerned about the off-gassing," Watson told me.

But will these paints last?

Our news partners at Consumer Reports tell us that the early low-VOC paints were not as durable, but now many low-VOC or no-VOC paint performs very well in the magazine's tests.

In fact, Behr Premium Plus Satin Enamel (available at The Home Depot) is a CR Best Buy and it has no VOCs.

More Info: Consumer Reports Paint Buying Guide