Orgreenic cookware: Does it work?

Cookware manufacturers are coming up with all sorts of new "non-stick" pans to help you cook without the fat or toxic chemicals found in the old non-stick technology.

One brand in particular, called Orgreenic, is being heavily promoted on TV and Internet infomercials as "revolutionary." According to the advertising, Orgreenic cookware is so non-stick, even burned foods will slide right off. It retails for the magic price of $19.99.

Before using the pan, you have to season it by spreading a light coating of vegetable oil over the entire inside green surface, then heating it on the stovetop at medium heat until just before it starts to smoke.

You have to let the pan cool completely, then remove the excess oil. After that, according to the instructions, you need "little or no oil, grease or fat".

In the commercial, a demonstration shows burned chocolate fudge sliding right off the pan. I tried burning a chocolate square. Sure enough, there was no sticking. The burned chocolate slid easily off the pan.

The commercial also shows burned tomato sauce easily sliding off the pan without leaving a trace of the sauce. When I burned tomato sauce, I had relatively little sticking and I was able to easily separate the burned sauce from the pan with a silicone spatula. Charred bits of caramelized tomato sauce were easy to move around. But the sauce did not slide off the pan at all. It was nothing like that commercial.

Instead of my fried egg freely slip-sliding around the pan, I had to loosen the edges with a spatula. And I needed oil spray for the scrambled egg. Only then could I get enough slide to try that trick in the commercial, where the guy blows the tortilla thin scrambled disk onto a plate. To my surprise I, too, was able to blow my egg from the pan to the serving dish, making me wonder if it might work with other non-stick cookware.

Bottom line: Orgreenic is definitely non-stick. But based on my experience, I'd plan on using a little oil with each use, unless the food being cooked contained enough fat on it's own. I also noticed the exterior coating of the pan had already begun to wear through after my brief usage, revealing scrapes and scratches on whatever coating had been applied to the underside. On a scale of one to four, I give it a two. But keep in mind, you're talking about $19.99 so you have to keep it perspective.

If you're interested in trying for yourself, you'll find the Orgreenic pan at most stores that carry products "As-Seen-On TV."