Optimize your pet's health with exericise

You need exercise. So do your pets, especially your pooch. They need it for both physical and mental well-being.

"It decreases the likelihood that they're going to be destructive in a household, less likely that they're going to be barking and wound up at home because they're able to go out and burn up some of that energy. It's a huge benefit to them and to us."

Dr. Brad Crauer, medical director at the Seattle Humane Society, says exercise is especially important for high-energy dogs: working breeds like labs and shepherds; hunting dogs like retrievers and pointers; and herding dogs, like collies and shelties.

"If you're interested in getting those dogs or if you have those dogs, that you're recognizing that it's a commitment on your part and the best interests of the dog and the best interests of your household to be able to get out and exercise them as much as possible."

Dr. Crauer says it's important to know how much your dog can handle. Start with walks around the block and if they're doing OK with that, slowly ramp it up from there.

"They'll give you feedback. If they're getting tired they're probably going to let you know."

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