Old electronics don't go in the trash

Maybe you were lucky enough to get a new computer or cell phone or TV for a holiday gift, and you want to get rid of the old one.

You can sell it, give it away or donate it to charity. Just don't throw it in the trash.

As King County's EcoConsumer Tom Watson reminds us, there are all kinds of toxic chemicals in electronics.

"They really need to be properly handled to make sure the materials in them get recycled or properly disposed of," Watson said.

There are 80 places just in King County where you can recycle old electronic items for free. You can find a location nearest you - anywhere in the state - by going to E-Cyle Washington.

And what happens to that old stuff?

"It goes to certified electronics recyclers through the E-Cyle Washington program that is regulated by the state under state law," Watson said.

By the way, I always keep my old phone. If anything happens to my new one - and it has - I can activate the old one until I can figure out what to do.