NIH Launches New Alcohol Treatment Navigator

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Alcohol abuse is a serious problem in this country. It's estimated that more than 7 percent of American adults – that's nearly 14 million people – have a drinking problem. About 8 million of them are alcoholic.

"And yet less than 10 percent of them receive treatment in any given year,” said Dr. Lori Ducharme at the National Institutes of Health. "We think that's at least partly because people are completely overwhelmed in terms of how to find treatment – what to look for, how to know what's good quality treatment or what will meet their needs."

That's why NIH created a new digital tool called the Alcohol Treatment Navigator that gives users a step-by-step way to search through all of the available options for evidence-based treatment.

“The information is completely objective, there's no advertising, just the facts and how to sort through them,” Durcharme said.

The NIH Alcohol Treatment Navigator has resources for adults looking for treatment for themselves or a loved one.

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Listen to Dr. Liro Ducharme talk to about this with Herb

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