New Year's: How to help your pet deal with fireworks

It wouldn't be New Year's with fireworks.

We love the colorful explosions, but they can frighten our pets.

Dr. Marty Becker at says a scared pet can do all sorts of things: hide under the bed, cower behind the couch, jump through a window, leap over or dig under a fence, or chew their skin until its raw. They can also bolt out an open door and run away.

You really need to be careful about keeping the doors closed, if you're having people come over.

If can't be with your pet during the fireworks or if he/she is too afraid to stay in the room with you - give them a safe hiding space inside your home. Turning on the radio or TV or some soothing music might help.

Dr. Becker says dogs and cats who are comfortable in crates often find them a good place to ride out the noise, especially when you put that crate in a quiet, darkened part of the house.

Some pets become totally unhinged by the sound of fireworks. In that case, talk your vet about the possibility of using a tranquilizer.

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