New rule allows you to a day to change mind on airline reservations

Do you know about the 24-hour rule when making flight reservations? If you don't, you're not alone.

The U.S. Department of Transportation's 24-hour rule took effect earlier this year. It gives you the right to change your mind for up to a day after you make an airplane reservation if you make that reservation a week or more before the flight's departure date.

Kate Hanni, executive director of, helped get the new rule in place.

"You can either book a flight and then hold it without paying for it for 24 hours or you can buy your flight and within 24 hours to the minute, you can change your flight without a cancellation fee or re-ticketing fee," he said.

The problem is: every airline handles this in a different way. As the Chicago Tribune reported recently, American Airlines makes it easy for you to choose the "free 24-hour hold" option.

Most other airlines make you book the flight and then cancel within the 24 hour period. That can be a confusing process.

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