New health advice: Plan your meals and eat breakfast

The standard eating patterns – breakfast, lunch and dinner – are falling by the wayside. We skip meals and snack throughout the day.

New advice from the American Heart Association suggests that when and how often we eat may affect our risk for heart attack and stroke.

Amy Reuter, a registered dietitian with SeattleFoodNut, says too many adults are grazing all day long and that makes it hard to control what you eat.

"If we're eating a variety of many meals, these mini-meals tend not to be so mini and they tend to become more regular meals and then we're just eating more of them than we should be,” Reuter said.

Research shows that the timing of meals may also affect health because of its impact on the body's internal clock. That's why the American Heart Association recommends starting the day with breakfast.

"Eating a daily breakfast is recommended because when we skip breakfast we tend to not make up those nutrients that are important for us later in the day,” Reuter told me.

Skipping breakfast has been associated with an increase in obesity, cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.

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