Need a new toilet? How much will that cost?

Most toilets are pretty sturdy. We typically replace them to get a model that's more stylish or more water efficient. And today's toilets really do cut down on wasted water.

"The toilet uses more water in your house than probably anything else you do. It's responsible for about 30 percent of your indoor water consumption," said Cheryl Reed with Angie's List.

Reed says a new water-efficient toilet can cut you water bill by a hundred dollars or more each year. The average toilet these days costs between $200 and $400. You should plan on another $125 to $250 to have a plumber install it.

"That price will fluctuate depending on the factors that are important to you and whether you want your plumber to haul away your old toilet," Reed said. "And if your plumbing components are in good condition. It's not just about the actual device, of course, it has to do with the pipes and the fixtures that go with it."

If you buy a new toilet, be sure to check to see about a rebate from your water utility.

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