National Mutt Day is almost here!

This might not be on your calendar, but Thursday, July 31 is National Mutt Day. It's meant to remind us how important it is to celebrate and save the lives of mixed-breed dogs.

Aimee Gilbreath, executive director of the Found Animals Foundation, reminds us that most of the dogs in shelters are mutts.

A look of people want the "look" of a purebred, but a mutt can give you just as much love. They also tend to have fewer breed-specific health issues than some purebred dogs.

Gilbreath wants to dispell the myth that getting a purebred helps you know what to expect.

"You know, not all Labradors behave the same way, not all Yorkies are the same," she told me. "I think a lot of times people try to use breed as a shortcut to understanding the behavior and personality of a dog. And there's actually quite a lot of behavior and personality variation even within a breed. So using breed as a shortcut is not the best way to go."

Maybe you can't add any furry family members right now. Gilbreath says you can still support the cause by supporting a local animal shelter: Donate money, food or even better, your time.