My Pillow follow-up: Did it work?

When I first introduced you to Andrea Cordova back in early December, I showed you the collection of pillows she used in her quest for comfort.

I told her about My Pillow's claim to be the most comfortable pillow you'll ever own. It's billed as the next generation in sleep innovation. Andrea couldn't wait to give it a try.

Cordova ended up testing My Pillow for 9 days and was cautiously impressed. She said the infomercial hype claiming the pillow disperses body heat around your head while you sleep did not hold up with her. And the lumpy texture (patented interlocking fill) of the stuffing material was throwing her off. She described it as feeling like soft popcorn.

That said, Cordova liked the light, fluffy weight of the pillow, and the fact that there was no discomfort whatsoever when she accidentally feel asleep without removing her earrings. (Anyone with post earrings can relate to this.) She felt she needed more time to say, with confidence, whether the pillow was actually better in the long run than others she had been using. So, I agreed to check back after holiday vacations when things settled down.

After 2 months, Cordova says she's actually getting used to the lumpy texture of the pillow, and she definitely likes it. As for whether she considers it better than all her other pillows...

"You know, I think it is," Cordova said. "I think I am going to continue sleeping on this pillow and not going back to any of the ones that I had."

She says she's can't say it's the 'best' pillow she's ever used, and My Pillow still did not disperse body heat around her head at night, but she's definitely sleeping better.

Turns out there are so many consumers like Cordova that My Pillow, which sells for around $60, is bringing in a reported in $95 million a year in sales, according to a recent article in Upstart Business Journal. My Pillow has been so successful, the inventor just launched a new infomercial for the new My Pillow mattress topper, with prices starting at around $400.