My dog gets too excited when guests come over

It's a common pet problem. Your dog is generally sweet and mellow, but when a guest comes over, they freak out. They bark and jump and run all over the place.

According to Mikkel Becker, a pet trainer who writes for, that's normal K-9 behavior. Your dog just wants to see who is there and say hello.

You need to teach them to calm down. You want them to learn that the only way they'll get attention and get petted by your guests is for them to sit down.

You can practice this every time you come home.

"Only give your dog attention when all four paws are on the floor," Becker said. "Or for a really rambunctious or hyper dog, give them a 'sit' or 'down' command that they need to do before you give them that attention.That will make a huge difference."

For a dog who is a hyper-excited greeter, you may need to use a leash. That will keep them from rushing the company and say hello until they're nice and calm.

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