Move over dogs and cats, rabbits make great pets too

They're soft and cute and they can make a great family pet. Yes, I'm talking about rabbits.

"They can bound really well with you," said Mikkel Becker, with "They like to snuggle and a lot of times they liked to be petted."

Becker told me it's possible to train a bunny to do tricks - seriously!

"So they may jump through the hoop, sit, spin in circles," she said. "So they can be really fun and very interactive and fairly easy to take care of."

And in case you're wondering - yes, you can house train them.

"A lot of bunnies are litter box trained, so they can stroll around the house and go all over," she said. "You have to be careful not to step on them because they're tiny and fragile."

Becker told me a rabbit can get along with other animals in the house, if you have a dog or cat with a low predatory drive. It's easier if the introduction is done when they're young. And it's best to always supervise the interactions.

And get this - bunnies can be territorial and be the ones that go after the cat or dog. Silly rabbit!

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