More houses for sale around the sound

(Image courtesy MGN Online)

A little bit of good news for frustrated house hunters who can't find a place to buy.

Inventory around here is going up. There are significantly more homes to choose from right now, according to Lennox Scott, chairman and CEO of John L. Scott Real Estate.

"So buyers have their best selection right now for another four months until we hit into the winter time,” Scott said.

For anyone trying to sell their home, there’s more competition, so you need to act accordingly.

"You always want to be market ready the first day you put your home on the market because that's what helps firm up your price,” Scott said. “In the more affordable and mid-priced ranges, this helps you get premium pricing because it's ready to go, buyers can see it and they can see the value in your property."

And what about price? The new report from the Northwest Multiple Listing Service shows that the median house in King County sold for $653,000 in June, up 14 percent from a year ago. The median condo went from $350,000 to $385,000, a 10 percent jump.

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