Make sure pets are included in your emergency plan

The news coverage of Hurricane Sandy reminds us that we need to be ready for a disaster. We must be prepared to leave the house in a hurry and carry on with our lives.

If you have pets, you need to include them in your emergency plan.

Rhonda Manville with Seattle Humane says start with the basics.

"It's important to have at least three days of water for each pet and three days of food for each pet," she said. "And you want to make sure that it's in a water-proof container."

"If your pet has any kind of medical needs, make sure that you have copies of their medical records and medication to bring along," Manville added. "And again, you'll want to put that in a waterproof bag."

And make sure you have crates for the cat and the dog easily accessible. In a rush for safety you may need to use them.

The Seattle Humane Society also recommends having a picture of your pets -with a written description of them on the back - in your emergency evacuation kit. That way help you search for them if you get separated.

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