Make life easier for your older dog

We need different things as we get older - and so do our pets.

With the right attitude, good medical care and a few changes around the house, your dog can be happy, healthy and active well into their senior years.

"They still want to go with you. They want to get into the car. They want to get up on the couch. They want to jump up on the bed, but they can't," said Dr.Marty Becker with "A great idea for these older dogs is to put a ramp to make it easy to get in the pickup and put stairs so they can get up in their favorite chair or up on the bed."

Slippery floors can also be a problem.

"You can put down carpet runners so they don't slide," Becker suggested. "Or you can get these interlocking mats that you can put together in the areas that they spend most of their time. Or yoga mats for them to lie on."

Other changes you can make:

Raise their water and food bowls so they don't have to bend their neck as far.

Get a soft bed. Dr. Becker likes the ones that are lined with orthopedic foam.

And consider pet bed warmer.

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