Local recycling programs accept more things

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Most of us have know what things can and cannot go into our residential recycling bins – or at least we think we do.

Tom Watson, King County's EcoConsumer, says many recycling programs in this area now accept more items than they did a few years ago.

"For example, most will take plastic plant pots. Most programs in our area will also take all paper and plastic cups,” he said.

Watson told me that most recycling programs also accept more plastic than they did in the past. The old number system is long gone.

“Now they try to do it by categories,” he said. “Many programs will say all plastic containers are fine. Some programs now say pretty much all plastic items."

Recyclers still don't want lids and bottle caps smaller than three inches because they can get stuck in the machinery.

Bottle caps can stay on empty pop and water bottles that go into the recycling bin. For metal food cans, put the lid inside the can and crimp shut.

If you're not sure about the rules, check with your city or hauler about what they accept.

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