Liquid burn injuries just as dangerous as fire

Hot liquids burn like fire. They can cause painful and disfiguring injuries. And all it takes is a second or two. So you need to know what to do.

"You need to take quick action, you cannot hesitate," says Amber Fowler, executive director of the Northwest Burn Foundation.

"Run cool water over the injury and then dial 911."

Fowler says never use ice. It's too cold and could freeze the skin and make the injury worse.

Of course, it's better to prevent these burns in the first place.

"Don't cook with your children. Make sure that they understand that when mom or dad is in the kitchen that they have to be in another part pf the house. Make sure you use scald-proof containers so that if you're having a hot beverage and the child reaches for it, they don't get a scald injury that way. And make sure the temperature in the bath water doesn't exceed the recommended temperature of 120 degrees."

Those most at risk for scald burns are the young - children under the age of 5 - and seniors 65 and older. And keep in mind, steam can also cause a burn in just second.

By the way, the Northwest Burn Foundation's annual gala is next week.

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