Lawn and garden chemicals can be dangerous for pets

Springtime is when we start paying attention to our lawns and gardens again. That often means chemicals - fertilizers, herbicieds and pesticides - that can be dangerous to the family pets.

Dr. Marty Becker with says it's important to always read and follow package directions. And then be extra careful.

If you use fertilizer, make sure you've really watered the lawn completely and thoroughly before you let your pooch go on it.

If you use an herbicide to kill weeds or grass growing where you don't want it, make sure the chemical is completely dry before you take the pets out.

"Think about how long it's going be for it dry and then wait about twice that long before you let them out on the lawn - at least 4 hours after you spray," Becker said.

Dr. Becker told me some lawn chemicals can be especially harmful to certain breeds, such as West Highland Terrier and Scotties. In fact, he said that if he had a Westie or Scotty, he would skip the chemicals.

And remember, your neighbors could use potentially dangerous chemicals in their yard, so be on the lookout for that.

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