Huge bargains await online on Cyber Monday

It's Black Friday, but I'm already looking ahead to Cyber-Monday. This relatively new shopping day is now a huge shopping day. Sales are expected to hit a new record again this year.

Online merchants are working hard to get your business. Miro Copic, a professor of marketing at San Diego State University, says he expects the major e-tailers to have special offers throughout the day.

"Literally every hour, something unique, something distinctive, something that's a huge bargain," he says.

Since you probably can't sit at your computer all day waiting to see what goes on sale, Copic suggests setting up alerts.

"You can go to your mobile device, you can do to your tablet, you can go to your computer and make that purchase," he says.

That's a lot easier than worrying all day that you might miss something you really wanted to get.

You can even set up alerts to let others know something you want just went on sale. Isn't the Internet great!

By the way, free shipping is one of the incentives you should look for on Cyber-Monday. That's one way online retailers will get you to buy from them.


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