How to successfully trim your cat's nails

Clipping your cats claws can be quite an ordeal.

"It's scary and it's overwhelming for the cat," said Mikkel Becker, a pet trainer with

But, it's important for them and you.

"A lot of times the cats with the longer claws are the types that are going to inadvertently scratch the furniture, not even meaning to, but just walking across," Becker said. " And it's really uncomfortable for cats to have those really long claws that can easily get caught in something and then torn. So, it's good to keep your cat's nails trimmed shorter."

The trick is to keep them comfortable, so they don't freak out, Becker said, which is why it's best to start doing this when they're a kitten.

And be careful: just clip the tip of each nail. If this is a painful experience, you're going to have
a difficult time doing this in the future.

Be sure to reward good behavior with praise and a treat, but never punish your cat for not cooperating.

Contact your veterinarian if you're not sure how to cut your cat's nails or if you experience any difficulties.

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