How to prepare for a Washington wildfire

This could be a really bad year for wildfires here in Washington. We've already had two big ones.

Everyone who lives in an area that could be hit with a wildfire should be prepared. To help save lives and property, insurance companies are inspecting homes and suggesting things their customers can do to reduce their risk.

"It's a real valuable thing for people to know what can I do to protect myself and my family and my property, " said Karl Newman, president of the Northwest Insurance Council.

Newman says the contract you have with your insurance company give it the right to do this.

"The insurance companies are essentially saying, 'Look, if you don't take these steps to make this a property that's suitable for the area that you've chosen to live in or build your business in, you may face premium increases or even coverage cancellation if you don't take adequate measures,'" he said.

Maybe you want to know if you can do more to protect your property from a wildfire, contact your insurance company and ask that them take a look and give you some tips about what else you may be able to do.

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