How to keep your dog from begging for food

It's a common problem: The dog begs at the dinner table. If you ever give in, even every once and a while, you are doomed.

"Never reward begging at all and that goes for every member of the family," said Mikkel Becker, a pet trainer with

If you can't resist those sad eyes staring at you, then keep Fido away from the food, she advises.

Put them in another room, use baby gates to keep them away from the table or give them something to do. Becker likes to use a stuffed Kong or food puzzle to keep them busy.

"That way, they don't feel deprived and you also are reinforcing a good behavior, away from the table," she said.

Mikkel has her pugs stay on a mat away from the table while she eats. They know they'll get their food as soon as she's done.

She says you can teach your dog to do that. Just make them stay on that mat and give them a treat every now and then.

"And so you reinforce that when you stay there, treats come," Becker said. "But if you get up and come to the dinner table, nothing good happens. It only happens when you're on your mat. That way, the mat becomes the fun place to be."]

And you can enjoy your meal.

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