How to get your cat to take their meds

Anyone with a cat in the family knows it's not easy to give them medication, especially pills or capsules.

Pill pockets work with a lot of cats. Dr. Marty Becker with suggests using a series of three pill pockets.

"The first one is the promise, the second one is the deed - that has the pill in it - and the third one is the chaser," he explained.

And pay attention to how you load that pill.

"When you load the pill in the pill pocket, make sure you put the pill in with one hand and you close it with the opposite hand," Becker explained. "If you use the same hand, they can smell the medicine on the outside of the pill pocket."

Another option, coat the pill with a little margarine or butter or the oil from a can of tuna.

"It makes it a lot slipperier, so it makes it easier to put down the cat's throat, plus it tastes good," Becker said.

We now do that with our cat, Casey, who's decided he no longer likes pill pockets.

One more tip from Dr. Becker: Once you get the pill in, close their mouth and blow lightly on their face. Do that and it makes them swallow. It works for cats and dogs.

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