How to deal with death of beloved family pet

Dealing with the death of a beloved family pet is never easy. It can be especially stressful during the holiday season.

We all have different ways to handle grief, but it's important not to ignore your feelings.

"I think everyone needs to acknowledge it," said Dr. Barry Rickman, founder of Peaceful Companion, an in-home pet hospice program. What does he suggest?

"They could create an ornament with their pet's picture, a memorial stone, plant a plant or tree in their garden. They could do a candle lighting service along with a special poem, prayer or video."

And what about a child who loses their pet?

"I think with children, they have a different way of expressing their grief," he said. "Drawing pictures or writing stories, creating an ornament might be a nice way for children to express their grief."

Something else you might want to consider: Make a donation to an animal shelter in memory of your pet.

The Seattle Humane Society's weekly Pet Loss Support sessions - every Saturday at 10:00 am - offer support and resources to help with the loss of a pet. No fee is required and you are free to attend as often as necessary throughout your grief process.

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