How last-minute shoppers can save big

It's down-to-the-wire time for anyone who still has presents to buy.

Retail expert Mark Ellwood, author of "Bargain Fever: How to Shop in a Discounted World," says he's never seen retailers as desperate as they are this year to move merchandise.

His advice: If you've waited this long, you might want to wait just a little bit longer.

"On December 24th, there is going to be a panic among retailers to offload whatever they can before the scrum of after-Christmas sales begins," he said.

Here are a few tips Ellwood shared with ABC News.

1. Install Price Blink, a browser add-on that scours the Internet for the best prices.

2. If you're shopping online, put some items in your cart then close the session. The site may send you an email reminder, and to close the deal throw in a discount.

3. Don't be afraid to haggle a bit. Ask the sales associate whether there are coupons that day and whether the coupons can be combined with any other offers. You have nothing to lose and much more bargaining power right now than you might realize.

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