Here's the dirty on keeping pets clean

You give you pooch a bath after he or she goes to the beach or gets dirty outside, but what about all the in-between times?

Dr. John Angus, a veterinary dermatologist, says a once-a-month bath is probably OK for the average dog. But if your dog has skin allergies or other recurrent skin problems, they could definitely benefit from getting their coat cleaned more frequently - once or twice a week.

Dr. Angus told me dogs and people have allergic reactions to the same things: pollen, molds, house hold dust.

"The difference is the dogs are absorbing those allergens across the skin and many long-coated dogs are basically like dust mops collecting pollen during the day. So frequent bathing benefits those dogs in several different ways. You're physically removing the things that they're allergic to from their coat and from their skin. You're removing irritants from their skin that can contribute to itch. And then, you're always going to be decreasing bacteria or yeast that colonize the skin and create more problems for allergic dogs than normal dogs," says Dr. Angus.

Dr. Angus recommends using a shampoo made for dogs. They have a different pH and different skin oils than we do.

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