Helping a loved one with dementia during the holiday season

For some of us, spending time with a loved one this holiday season means visiting them in a care facility.

If that family member has Alzheimer's disease or another form of dementia your visit can be extremely challenging.

The Alzheimer's Association of Western and Central Washington says before you go, contact the facility and see what activities they have planned.

"Sometimes they'll have carolers come in to the building; sometimes they'll have a special meal," said the association's Brittany Mosser. "So, identifying those times that are already created by the facility and taking advantage of them wherever possible."

When you are there, try to do traditional things that will make your loved one feel comfortable.

"If you have a favorite holiday food that the person can still have, take that into them or sing their favorite holiday songs and really connect with them that way," Mosser suggested.

Make sure someone in the family is responsible for keeping an eye on the person with dementia. And if they get agitated will take them into a quite place and give them a break.

If you need to talk to someone, the Alzheimer's Association's Helpline is available around the clock at 800.272.3900

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