Have they found a treatment for dementia yet?

The search is on, but so far science has not found a way to stop or cure Alzheimer's or others forms of dementia.

There is a growing body of evidence that a heart-healthy lifestyle is also good for your brain.

"Exercise, diet, good sleep habits. So those things don't prevent, but they may hold the disease off for a little bit longer," said Joanne Maher is with the Alzheimer's Association of Western Washington.

"There are medications that help kind of lift that fog, in the earlier stages and help them get through the day better," she said."But there's no magic pill."

It's important to make sure that your vitamin levels are good. But despite the ads, no supplement can boost your memory or prevent dementia.

Caution: You do need to be careful with supplements. Over-the-counter and herbal treatments can interact with other medications you're already taking.

"And you do have to be careful with supplements. Your doctor should be well aware of what you're taking even if you think it's something fairly harmless," Maher reminds us.

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