GripGO: Does It Work?

With all the laws against talking on cell phones while we drive, most of us do our best to talk "hands free."

But earphone cords get tangled and stop working. Cordless ear pieces wear out. Could a hands-free phone mount called GripGo be the solution?

The commercial says GripGo holds the phone securely yet peels right off. No sticky residue, an adjustable pivoting mount.

"Just attach the suction cup to your windshield or dash, and GripGo grabs your phone ultra fast," the commercial says.

Since our dashboard is too curved for the suction cup feature, I tried the windshield mount. But I got no suction whatsoever. Despite multiple attempts placing the suction cup firmly on the window and pushing down the lever to secure the suction cup, per instructions, the darned thing would not stick. Photographer Randy Carnell had the same results.

As for the sticky pad instantly holding my phone -- that did work. In fact, the gel pad worked almost too well on one phone. When I pulled the phone free from the sticky gel pad, the pad kept part of my phone! So, the "Unique Polymer Surface" of the sticky pad does do the job, but what's the point if the suction cup on the other end won't hold every time?

Turns out that suction cup issue comes up fairly often. Some consumers found it wouldn't stick until after they warmed the windshield- then it worked. Others say the suction cup fell off when the windshield got too warm. Still others say the suction cup works fine if you moisten it. Those are a lot of conditions for something that supposed to easily solve a problem.

Based on my experience, on a scale of one to four, I give it one star.