Got a Groupon you can't use? New site lets you resell it

It happens all the time. You buy a Groupon or some other daily deal and you just can't use it.

Why not sell it and get some cash in your hands? A new site called CoupFlip buys unwanted deals.

"You don't just list it and wait around to see if somebody will take it, because these things expire," said CoupFlip CEO Phil McDonell. "You can go on and in less than 30 seconds upload it, sell it and be done with it."

Payment is made through PayPal in 10 business days. This gives the site time to validate the voucher. So how much can you expect to get?

"If your deal has a pretty good expiration time on it and also was a popular deal to being with, we'll generally pay up to 70 percent," McDonnell told me.

Of course, CoupFlip doesn't make any money unless it resells these vouchers. So it offers deals on these deals.

Most of the coupons are 10 percent less than what they sold for, but as the expiration date gets closer, the discounts get bigger - up to 98 percent off face price.

One more benefit: the site guarantees the voucher is authentic, is still good and is transferable.

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