Getting your gas grill ready for barbecue season

The official summertime barbecue season is now underway.

If you're bringing the old grill out of hibernation, you've got to check for gas leaks. Check along the hose and the connections at the tank and on the grill.

"You can't see those leaks with the naked eye," said Celia Lehrman at Consumer Reports. "What we suggest is that you take some dish detergent and water, so you get ,his soapy water. Then you spray that on all the different parts, all of the hoses and the connections and look for bubbles."

Any place you see a bubble, that means gas is leaking and you need to fix it.

When you fire up the grill, check the flames - they should be blue whic means the gas is burning most efficiently.

"If the flames are uneven or if they're yellow, you can take toothpick to clean out the burner parts and that should do it," Lehrman said. "But if it doesn't do it, you might need to get new burners."

And that's expensive, so check to see if they're still under warranty. Some grills come with burner warranties that are 10 years or longer.

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