Getting a new pet after your dog or cat passes away

The loss of a loved one always causes sadness and pain.

When the dearly departed is the family pet, there often comes a time when you ask yourself if you want to get another dog or cat?

Moira Anderson Allen is a trained counselor who she runs the Pet Loss Support website. Her advice: Don't rush into things too quickly.

"Generally if that's your first reaction, what you're doing is hoping that if you rush out and get a new pet, then you won't have to go through all the pain of grieving the old one," Allen explained. "The pain doesn't go away and nine times out of 10, you're just going to end up resenting the new pet because it's not the one you lost. You're looking for that relationship as if it would magically reinstate itself and instead you have a total stranger in your house."

That can lead to anger and frustration. And of course, your new pet won't know what the problem is.

Anderson says it's best to let yourself grieve and to work through the loss. You want to be emotionally ready for that new family member.

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