Get A Grip handle: Does it work?

The Get A Grip is a suction mount, portable handle that attaches to smooth surfaces for extra support. The marketing calls it "remarkable" and "ideal for temporary support for showers, tubs and more."

In our test, the device was easy to install, as advertised. Once the suction cups were locked down, the handle had a strong hold on the fiberglass tub surround. But the hold did not withstand a weight-bearing pull downward. It's not supposed to. Turns out, Get a Grip is not designed as a secure grab bar.

A closer look at the commercial shows people only lightly touching the handle as they leave the tub or shower. And even though the marketing touts strength and support, the Get a Grip instructions carry a warning: "Do not use to provide leverage or stability, or to maintain balance while lifting yourself. Not designed to restore lost balance."

So it's fine as something extra just to hold on to, as long as you're stable on your feet. But if you want a true grab bar for someone disabled or elderly, you better get a grip on something much more substantial.