Get a better cup of Joe

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They're convenient, look nice on the counter and they make a decent cup of coffee. That's why drip machines are the most popular way to brew coffee.

But the expert taste testers at Consumer Reports say drip machines aren't for those who want a really good cup of coffee.

"We found in our testing that it doesn't produce as high quality of a cup of coffee. It can produce a more acidic coffee,” said the magazine's Julia Calderon.

If you have a bit more time and want something better try an alternative brewing method like a French press or pour-over-coffee maker – basically a filter basket that sits on top of a glass or ceramic carafe. Consumer Reports says you’ll get a more complex, fuller-bodied, more aromatic brew.

No matter which method you use, you'll get the best results with fresh quality beans that are fresh. The editors say how you grind those beans can really affect the results.

"We recommend using a burr grinder which gives you a more even grind,” Calderon told me. “And just follow the instructions from the manufacturer for each of these different brewers. Make sure you're doing it exactly the way they say. Even the coffee to water ratio, can wildly affect your brew, if it’s a little bit off.”

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