FTC pulls the plug on 5 companies accused of making illegal robocalls

The FTC just got court orders to disconnect the phone lines of five 5 companies accused of running illegal "Cardholder Services" schemes.

The move comes just two weeks after a big Robocall Summit in Washington, D.C. to address the more than 200,000 complaints a month filed with the FTC about unwanted telemarketing robocalls. Most of the complaints are about "Rachel" or someone else from "Cardholder Services."

What most consumers don't realize is there are numerous companies using the same scheme. You can never get a company name and the FTC says the numbers that show up on your caller I-D are bogus. The five cases accounced today give you an idea of how far these illegal operators are going to deceive you. Check out the actual company names revealed in the FTC announcement today.

Treasure Your Success, Ambrosia Web Design, A+ Financial Center, LLC, The Green Savers, LLC, and Key One Solutions, LLC. Investigators say each of these five companies and their owners used many more additional names in their scheme trick people out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Unfortunately, there are dozens of other roboscams out there- so remember, if you get a call, just hang up. never press any numbers to get off the list, never press any number to a human. Just hang up. Even better, if you have caller I-D and do not recognize the number- don't answer.