Flea medication effects seem to wane? Don't give another dose

You give you pets a once-a-month flea treatment, but you see some fleas before those 30 days are up. What should you do?

Should you give them an extra dose to keep things from getting out of hand?

Dr. Danielle Wassink, DVM says that's not a good idea because it could result in an overdose.

"You wouldn't want to give them an extra dose early," Wassink says. "They usually still have killing power, it just may be a little bit slower."

That said, there are things you can do in between those monthly treatments if necessary.

"There are other medications that aren't long lasting, such as Capstar that can be given that kills the fleas very quickly, but it's in and out of their system pretty fast," Wassink says. "So, that can be used if they're kin regular flea control and you end up seeing some fleas that you see on your pet that you need to kill right away."

As with any medication, you always need to read the label directions and follow them.

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