Experts: This flu season could be especially bad

Flu season is here and the experts say it could be a bad one. The main virus going around this year is a strain known to cause more severe illness.

But there is some good news. According to the Centers for Disease Control, this year's vaccine seems to be "a great match" for them.

And while we know the flu vaccine doesn't protect everyone, health experts say it's your best defense against what can be a fatal illness.

"Anywhere from 15,000 to 35,000 people a year, it will save their lives," says Dr. John Swartzberg, head of the editorial board at the UC Berkeley Wellness Letter.

"There are two important reasons to get it. One is, it's going to protect you from getting a terrible illness and some people may die from it. The other reason is that it's going to help prevent you from spreading flu to somebody else."

Who should get the flu vaccine? The CDC says everyone 6 months and older. It's especially important for anyone with asthma, diabetes, and chronic lung disease, pregnant women and people 65 years and older

My wife and I already got our shots!


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