Don't waste more money driving for 'cheap' gas

When gasoline prices spike like this, a lot of people start shopping around for the best price.

Some people are willing to drive several miles out of their way to save a few pennies a gallon.

Unless that gas is significantly cheaper and not too far out of you way it could cost you more than you save.

Mike Quincy with Consumer Reports Autos says there are two things you can do that are guaranteed to lower your gas bill.

"You can control how you drive and take care of your car. Do very simple things to improve its fuel economy performance."

Consumer Reports advises:

  • Stop the jack rabbit starts.
  • Use cruise control when you're on the highway.
  • Make sure your tires are at the proper pressure.
  • Get rid of excess cargo in the trunk.
  • Remove things that increase drag.

"Any kind of roof rack or bike rack that you have attached to your car that you're not using on a regular basis, take that off," Quincy says.

There are online calculators that show you if that extra drive for cheaper has saves money or not. has one.

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