Don't put off talking safety with older drivers

If there's an older adult in the family, you may feel the need to have a conversation with them about safe driving.

It's never comfortable and it's easy to offend.

Cassie Devaney with AAA Washington says you need to be sure not to harass your loved one.

"Because the more you alienate an older driver, the less you can help."

It's also important to hear and understand their concerns.

"For many seniors the mere thought of giving up the keys provokes feelings of dependence, abandonment and virtual imprisonment, so recognize those feeling, ease their fears and assure they of your continued love and support."

Devaney says try to deal with this sooner, rather than later.

"Your family may already be discussing financial planning, medical care and housing. So include transportation needs in those discussions."

AAA has a great deal of information to help seniors drive safer and longer. You'll find it at