Does your pet need a seatbelt?

You wouldn't let a family member ride in your car without wearing a seatbelt, so why is that OK for your dog? It's not.

"They become flying projectiles and when the car rolls, they're ejected just like humans are," says Dr. Marty Becker, with

Becker says having an unsecured pet is dangerous for the pooch and distracting to the driver.

"They need to either be in a carrier that's secured or they need to be in some kind of harness that secured to a seatbelt for their protection and for yours."

The safest place in that vehicle for your pet is the back seat. It's for the same reason it's the safest place for your baby: it's away from the passenger-side front air bag that explodes with such force that it can hurt a small child or pet in the front seat.

We all know dogs love to ride along with the heads out the window. Becker says that's a no-no.

"You've got to think of this: anything that's in the air - it doesn't have to be a rock, it can be a bug - when it hits their eyes at 60 miles per hour - it causes serious eye damage. So you can't have their heads sticking out the window."

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