Do you get your pet a regular physical?

In my family, everyone has a routine physical every year or so. That includes the people and the pets. Dr. Marty Becker, the veterinarian on Good Morning America, explains why this is so important for your furry friends.

"So the value is to catch problems early on before they cause unnecessary pain, expense or worse."

During that physical, your vet will check the eyes, ears and teeth, listen to the heart and lungs, check other internal organs, and examine the lymph nodes looking for infection.

They'll check your pet's weight - obesity is a problem with pets as well as people - and talk to you about what vaccines might be needed.

"In the past we used to vaccinate every year and now for a lot of vaccines it's up to every three years to vaccinate," Becker says.

For some reason, people with cats often wait until their kitty is sick to take it to the vet. That's a big mistake.

Becker says cats are very good at hiding their illness. Skip the vet and you're going to miss a lot of things that could caught and treated.

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