Disaster preparedness when a loved one has dementia

Living in an area with earthquakes, landslides, floods and wild fires, we know we need to have a disaster plan in place.

It's important to remember that someone in the family with Alzheimer's disease or some other form of dementia may not know how to respond in an emergency.

"So the care partner or family member is most likely going to need to be in total charge of both of them," said Joanne Maher with the Alzheimer's Association of Western Washington.

She suggests a few special things that should be in your disaster kit. You want enough medications on hand and a few familiar things for the person with dementia, such as some familiar clothing.

It's vital to have a current photo of that family member.

"If someone does go wandering or they become lost of separated from someone else, a photo is what can be circulated to first responders, especially police, when there's a search or rescue operation going on," she said.

The MedicAlert and Alzheimer's Association Safe Return ID bracelet can also be a lifesaver.

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