Detergent packets an attractive risk to kids

It's national poison prevention week, a good time to remind you that each year 90,000 of kids in this country get rushed to an emergency room because they swallowed something poisonous. Nearly 40 will die.

One of the big problems lately: kids swallowing laundry detergent packets.

These small single-load packets are attractive to children. They resemble candy or toys or teething rings.

Parents be advised: the chemicals in these packets are different from typical laundry detergent.

"It's highly concentrated and can be toxic to young children," says Kim Dulic with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Dulic says laundry packets should never be left out on a shelf. Store them in a place where a child can't possibly get to them.

"The packets are soft and gel like and the dissolve very easily with wet hands or saliva."

Play it safe. Keep chemicals, medications and all cleaning supplies, stored safely in a locked cabinet or box.

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